Emotional Resilience / Wellbeing Coaching

9395038558_b52ae3bf7b_o_dDo you feel like you are in control of yourself and your life, or do events control you?

Does your mind run away with itself leaving you unable to relax and let go when you wish to?

When you find yourself in a challenging situation at work or at home can you respond in the way you want to, or are you overwhelmed with emotion and thoughts?

In today’s harsh environment we are prone to overworking ourselves or feeling that we need to be busy in order to be of value. We become entangled in the day to day, in the concern for the future and worry over the past.

This can mean that we give ourselves little or no time to let go and relax and this becomes a way of life. We begin to react to situations rather than responding and end up venting our anger or trying to swallow it. We begin to feel like we are loosing control over our lives and we become prone to anger, fear, worry, anxiety and depression.

We forget how to relax and have true perspective.

Emotional Resilience/Wellbeing Coaching challenges our ideas around stress and motivation. It cuts to the core of our thinking and beliefs, gives tools to help us to let go and relax, and brings our emotions and thoughts within our own control. Emotional resilience gives us the freedom to be ourselves and follow our purpose without being defined by our reactions, our mental commentary, and judgments of ourselves or others. It allows us to be authentic, as Shakespeare puts it “To thine own self be true, thou canst not then be false to any man” including yourself.

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These sessions are given on a 1-2-1 basis either at my home or in a mutually convenient situation (this may be at your work or home or local cafe). The first session is a complementary coaching consultation. Thereafter it is recommended to have another 5 sessions in a course though this is very flexible depending on the need.

Prices for individuals start at £85 per session. Discounts for multiple bookings available. Payment for phone or Skype consultations must be made in advance and cancellations of any bookings must be made 48 hours in advance or cancellation fee will be charged.

To book your initial consultation contact me via email or call me using the number on the contact page. In this initial contact we can discuss your situation and what would be the best ongoing help for you. This includes type and frequency of sessions; the appropriateness of the chosen therapy for your situation; the location of the first session etc.  This conversation, as with all following conversations, is confidential and entirely for your benefit.

At the outset of the first coaching session (or prior if the coaching is via skype or phone) you will be asked to fill out a client agreement form which clarifies the process and the commitment agreed by both parties.


“…the most valuable part I found of the sessions with Emily, she did not psycho analyse me or tell me what do, but she empowered me within myself (through giving me clarity within myself). This is a rare and valuable gift, self-empowerment!…. “