Life Coaching

Have you ever felt that you didn’t know where your life was going; or had a difficult decision to make in career or personal life; or had in mind a goal to achieve but not really know how to get there.

These can be difficult times in life leaving you frustrated, irritated, out of control and/or stuck, often with no objective reference to work from.

This is where Life Coaching comes in. A person-centred approach, it is a series of transformational conversations using the ‘Socratic method’ of questioning and various coaching models to explore areas of your life and perception leading to new understandings and growth for the individual.

It will help you find your way, understand how you work as an individual and develop untapped potential. The process is wholly nonjudgmental and completely confidential.

What Coaching can help with:

• Reducing Anxiety
• Stress Reduction
• Relieving Depression
• Increasing Confidence
• Career Coaching
• Relationship Resolution
• Increasing Wellbeing
• Using Mindfulness and Meditation



The first session is a complementary coaching consultation and can last up to half an hour. After that it is recommended to have another 5 sessions in a course though this is very flexible and dependent on need.

Prices for individuals start at £85 per session. Discounts for multiple bookings available. Payment for phone or skype consultations must be made in advance and cancellations of any bookings must be made 48 hours in advance or cancellation fee will be charged.

To book your initial consultation contact me via email or call me using the number on the contact page. In this initial contact we can discuss your situation and what would be the best ongoing help for you. This includes type and frequency of sessions; the appropriateness of the chosen therapy for your situation; the location of the first session etc.  This conversation, as with all following conversations, is confidential and for your benefit and mine.

At the outset of the first coaching session (or prior if the coaching is via skype or phone) you will be asked to fill out a client agreement form which clarifies the process and the commitment agreed by both parties.


“Before speaking to Emily, I had developed a phobia of exams. I had managed to convince myself that I wouldn’t be able to remember anything that would allow me to answer a question. I would go into the exam hall and turn over the paper and then panic would take over completely. I got a constricted feeling in my chest and my mind felt cloudy and unclear. I would sit through the exam making little progress, consumed by a feeling of failure and frustration. Having had several experiences of this playing out, I saw no way in which I could break the routine. Emily was recommended to me and whilst I thought it might offer some practical stress-less advice, there was no moment where I envisaged being able to complete an exam without this restriction. The first conversation I had with Emily lasted about an hour. Emily’s wisdom and patience guided me towards facing the pain and fear and allowed me to detach myself from it, seeing it simply as a set of ideas that I could choose to take on or not. Through visualisation and the use of affirmations, Emily provided me with a useful set of tools that I had complete faith in. On the day of the exam, I spoke to Emily for a second time and again, by asking a series of simple questions Emily allowed me to see that I was in control and had everything that I needed to succeed. The exam went by and whilst I was aware of how easily I could return to the fear, I was able to overcome it and left the exam feeling strong and calm. Thanks to Emily’s guidance, I can now take these skills into any situation and trust in the power of thought and self-belief. I would recommend Emily to anyone who is suffering from stress or anxiety in any aspect of life and would like to thank her for helping me confront the ghosts of the mind.”

Alice Wyatt Second year Uni student