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“Is Coaching for you?”
Life Coaching
Emotional Resilience/Wellbeing Coaching



“I enjoyed our sessions (albeit that they forced me to confront some things about myself which weren’t always comfortable to describe) and they were incredibly valuable during a very difficult time. I’m in a different place now – far happier and fulfilled professionally, I’ve excised the ghosts of my former employer and mentally I’m in a much stronger place. I’ve definitely changed as an individual though. I like to think that I’m more empathetic towards others who might be suffering, I’m much more aware of my own mental strength, and I’m actually far better able to step outside and rationalise why I might be thinking or feeling a certain way, and therefore able to cope with it.

I’ve also become an unashamed and public proponent of talking out problems – the current publicity campaign around encouraging men to talk about their problems rings true – I genuinely feel that confronting my problems and talking them out saved me from doing something more final at that time, so thank you.”

Stuart Forrest

“I worked with Emily over a period of two months just as I was getting my new business off the ground. She was tremendous in guiding me in very practical ways, by helping me lay out tasks and set goals. But more importantly, Emily helped me identify and work with the deeper issues that were holding me back in really putting myself and my work out into the world. It has been many months since I’ve worked with Emily, but this work has been sustainable – I can identify when these issues arise and work with them in the same way Emily and I worked with them together. I recommend Emily as a coach without reservation – it is her ability to work on both practical matters and on the underlying issues that keep us from expressing ourselves fully in the world.” Emily Boddy Yoga Teacher