Meditation in all its various forms has made a huge impact on the west over the last 50 years.

It has been proven to have many positive effects – balancing the being, lowering blood pressure, improving the immune system and generally giving an all-round sense of well-being.

I practice various forms of meditation and offer to teach these on their own or as part of a wider stress-reduction package to individuals or groups. For group sessions see Courses/Workshops – Meditation

For individuals the practice is tailored not only to the individual but to their state at that time and what they need.

“Emily has a magic touch, that leaves me feeling like a new and whole person again! She is incredibly in touch with the human body and it’s anatomy, giving extremely thorough massages. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a very warm and generous person, in whose company you can feel totally relaxed.”


For One to One Meditation Coaching:

These sessions are given either at my home or in a mutually convenient situation (this may be at your work or home). The first session is a complementary coaching consultation. Thereafter it is recommended to have another 5 sessions in a course though this is very flexible depending on the need.

To book your initial consultation contact me via email or call me using the number on the contact page. In this initial contact we can discuss your situation and what would be the best ongoing help for you. This includes type and frequency of sessions; the appropriateness of the chosen therapy for your situation; the location of the first session etc.  This conversation, as with all following conversations, is confidential and entirely for your benefit.

At the outset of the first coaching session (or prior if the coaching is via skype or phone) you will be asked to fill out a client agreement form which clarifies the process and the commitment agreed by both parties.

Prices vary, please contact for quote. Discounts for multiple bookings available.