For Organisations

Is your business struggling to keep employees, do you have high sickness leave and unmotivated staff? Frequently this leads to a blame culture and resentment, with the senior leadership team battling to fill the gaps, and having to finance the expense of recruiting and training new staff.

“The joy of leadership comes from seeing others achieve more than they thought they were capable of” Simon Sinek

How can we help our teams, organisations, aspiring leaders to achieve more, be more productive, and avoid burnout, frequent sickness and disconnection and ultimately be a more productive, more efficient, happier workforce?

On an individual and team level, more than anything else, three things get in the way….

Fear, lack of personal responsibility and lack of Self-Awareness.

This is why our tailored approach of 1:1 coaching and group workshops approach is centred on Awareness, Wellbeing and Resilience.

When these are in place then individuals and teams are capable of aspiring to, and achieving, much more.

As a coach and with my connections with other coaches, mentors and facilitators I help staff in organisations to build confidence, understand limiting mindsets and be empowered to step forward into their potential.

We also offer leadership retreats and away days to support and encourage individuals and teams.

We will also, in collaboration with you, co-create qualitative measures of success to evidence shifts.

Here are some of the topics we offer:

  • Building Coaching Communication Skills
  • Individual and Team Enneagram tests and coaching 
  • Personal responsibility and empowerment to effect change
  • Supporting culture shift and changing mindsets
  • How to watch out for and avoid burn out, and build resilience
  • Benefits of committing to improvements in wellbeing
  • Understanding the effect of stress individually and systemically
  • Practical tools for improving wellbeing
    • Self-awareness
    • Understanding triggers
    • Self-talk and how to have a better relationship with self and others
    • Understanding interactions
    • Healthy boundaries
    • Finding balance
    • Replenishing energy levels
    • Meditation and Mindfulness, the power of Pause
  • Connection to higher self to understand our human experience with greater perspective to precipitate change

We will work with you to tailor the approach and workshops/retreat to you and your organisation’s needs.

Aspiring Leaders Workshop

Emily explains concepts in a way that is clear to understand, and her manner encourages questions and contributions. She had a good balance of information and time to think, so that the session opened up new avenues of thought. My biggest takeaway was learning about the drama triangle which was instantly recognisable and helpful in avoiding habitual patterns, replacing them with a calmer and more open approach based on the later coaching.

Jane Mason, Head of Classics and Senior Teacher

The Aspiring Leaders programme gave me an opportunity to explore and reflect on the different types of leadership and their qualities. It was interesting to learn about the various styles and how these can ‘make-or-break’ a team. I thoroughly enjoyed the session about ‘Values’ as it was a rich and diverse topic that Emily helped us navigate through with flexibility, tolerance and respect. I would strongly recommend this course if you work with people in any organisation and are looking for a kinder and more considerate way to lead.

Mary-Ann, Parker-Wood Teacher