We are all now aware of the scientific fact that in essence we, and the world around us, are made of energy. Particles vibrating at various rates causing us to see and feel the universe we know.

Reiki is the channelling of universal energy. The practice of Reiki comes from Japan (Rei – universal, ki – energy). Practitioners of Reiki are attuned to allow them to channel greater quantities of energy than usual.

Emily has a magic touch, that leaves me feeling like a new and whole person again! She is incredibly in touch with the human body and it’s anatomy, giving extremely thorough massages. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a very warm and generous person, in whose company you can feel totally relaxed.

Jenny, Coach/Senior Leader

This energy is channelled in a Reiki session into the patient through the hands of the Practitioner. The Patient’s body will only take what it needs to heal itself.

It is often a calming and restful experience.

Sessions are done on a couch or massage chair fully clothed either at work, home or at my home clinic.

One session can be between 20 – 30 minutes.

Prices begin at £32 for 30 mins