emily johnston -meditationYou can choose from meditation courses, one off workshops or one to one coaching in meditation     (this last option is very effective as the meditations are specifically tailored to your needs and situation and coaching is used to develop a regular sustained practice that you find enjoyable and effective).

The courses cover a minimum of 6 weeks and look at various types of meditation to allow the students a variety of experiences so they can best determine which meditations work best for them.

There are many forms of meditation, Eastern and Western, old and new. Nearly all religious and spiritual paths use meditative techniques and many more secular meditations are being created. More recently it’s effectiveness has been noted in the world of stress -reduction. We live in an era of fear and ongoing stress and meditation offers a way out of this cycle using concentrated attention and expanded or focused awareness.

Meditation is a subjective experience but essentially the final destination is the same – inner peace with one’s self.


For One to One Meditation Coaching:

These sessions are given either at my home or in a mutually convenient situation (this may be at your work or home). The first session is a complementary coaching consultation. Thereafter it is recommended to have another 5 sessions in a course though this is very flexible depending on the need.

To book your initial consultation contact me via email or call me using the number on the contact page. In this initial contact we can discuss your situation and what would be the best ongoing help for you. This includes type and frequency of sessions; the appropriateness of the chosen therapy for your situation; the location of the first session etc.  This conversation, as with all following conversations, is confidential and entirely for your benefit.

At the outset of the first coaching session (or prior if the coaching is via skype or phone) you will be asked to fill out a client agreement form which clarifies the process and the commitment agreed by both parties.

Prices for individuals on application. Discounts for multiple bookings available.


Prices for courses on request.